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sexism is rampant, but beautiful is not sexist.
landed up in a huge debate online. russell brand's awesome interview about his taking on the editing of an issue of some political mag was posted and a bunch of us were debating it. as is so typical in the activist world, instead of his awesome words being discussed, instead of us applauding that a famous dude is incredibly eloquently expressing anarchist ideology in the mainstream, we got sidetracked by some people calling him a sexist. my biggest issue was that he was being called a misogynist for being a recovery sex addict and he was being called a sexist for saying that he took the editing job because a "beautiful woman" asked him to. there were no other proofs given in the debate. just those two. my argument was a) being a sex addict does not automatically make one a misogynist and b) calling a woman beautiful is not sexism. the main girl i was debating said that brand judged the woman on her appearance, but we had no proof of that. all he said was "a beautiful woman" asked him to do the job. he didn't say, "damn, that bitch was so hot, i figured if i took the job, i'd get laid!" he didn't say, "her tits were so huge i couldn't think straight" or anything even remotely similar. and, in fact, his whole interview and his whole current spiel against our power-over system of governance, is based on egalitarian principles. why the fuck are we arguing over this? so what if he was a sex addict at one point? so what if he was a junky at one point? why does that even matter? and how the fuck is calling a woman beautiful considered sexist? some drunken redneck stumbles up to me and says, "hey there, beautiful", his actions might prove him to be a sexist, but his words don't. how can we even define what brand meant by "beautiful". the woman could have looked like the back end of a bus but be beautiful because of the awesome work she does? no one can define beauty for another person. ever. period. and it really pissed me off that the whole conversation was sidetracked from the man's current brilliance to "let's judge him for his past actions" and "let's define beauty for him", and "let's give the words beautiful woman a negative sexual context so that we can't use them anymore".


let's call everyone beautiful who does good stuff. russell brand, you are beautiful for the words you've spoken lately. sky, you are beautiful no matter what color you are. trees, OMG, you make me breathless every day with your beauty. i moved where i live because it's so beautiful here.

shit shit i'm a sexist!

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I've got to disagree with you here. I really like Russell Brand, I liked what he said in that interview, and I definitely agree that calling women beautiful isn't inherently sexist. But in that context, yeah, I do find it to be so. If I, in my professional capacity, asked someone to do some work for me, and they said they had done it "because a beautiful woman asked them to" I'd feel as if my work and my professional role was being completely trivialised. I don't want someone to do what I ask them because they like the way I look; I want them to do it because they respect me. Sure, call me beautiful all you want in a non-professional capacity! But in that context, I think it's just another layer of unnecessary objectification of professional women.

I DON'T think that means that Russell Brand is 'bad' or not worth listening to, just that I am not a fan of that particular comment/

thank you. you helped me see it from another perspective. one i totally understand.

can i use your words here in the discussions i'm having?

For sure! I'm glad to help. :)

PS - I would have weighed in on the FB discussion myself but didn't know what the context was!

i kept it bland so as not to taint the waters.

i appreciate what you say here. i hadn't seen it from that perspective. i still think that we don't know what brand meant by "beautiful". maybe the woman is beautiful for the job she does, hence it is an indirect professional compliment. but - it's far more likely he meant it aesthetically, and now i understand why that wasn't the best use of words. the original debate i was having on facebook didn't help me see it from that perspective, which is why i threw it out there for others to weigh in on. thanks! i like to grasp all angles. how else can i have faith in my opinion lol. and i do so hate to come off as an idiot. that's probably the main reason i don't debate more; lack of faith in myself.

Yeah, I saw that. I didn't think he was hot until I realized how smart he is. Now he kind of makes me happy in the pants. I suppose that means I'm sexist, if any sexual attraction = sexist.


he definitely proves that intelligence makes a person hot. i've heard a lot of people say, "yeah, i really want to hate him, but then he talks!" i was not into him at all until i started watching and listening to his recent stuff. but the man is brilliant!

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