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spring snow storm!
snow storm BLEW in last night.  wind howled all night.  woke up to a white world!
here are some pics:
my husky-pup, in motion - not the easiest pic to catch!
an almond blossom in the snow
and my house, nestled in the hollar, from just up the hill.

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That's a beautiful picture. You have a lovely home!

thanks! the house looks like a little wooden shack lol. which, really, it is. although a very well built and insulated little wooden shack!

but i like this pic, too. the little patch of blue sky, the way the sun is bursting thru', and the angles of the downward view. i was much pleased with the capture. made the slog up the hill, first thing in the morning, before my cup of coffee, in all the snow, worth it, for sure!

I gave up coffee "for Lent" - although not really for Lent. That was just a way to make sure that I gave up for long enough to get through the addiction barrier. There have been some difficult days.

i found withdrawal stopped after about 4 days, and is eased immensely by a small cup half way thru' lol. i went back to it when i traveled down to florida last month.

I've been going on regular chocolate binges.

This is week 4 and I'm still trying to trick myself into getting coffee.

I think coffee might be better than chocolate. :)

chocolate covered coffee beans are sooo good!

Beautiful photos. What a pretty dog!

thanks! that last one came out so well it made the pre-coffee climb up the hill worth it!

and thanks, yes, she is pretty. don't be fooled by her pretty face, though. she's an evil chicken killer haha. that's my smoochey pooch. i love her.

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