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eggs, love, psych
quickly painted a sign to go out front advertising our eggs for sale.  sold 2 dozen to a neighbor up the road who said, "i'm so glad you have eggs for sale!" which is weird, because i've had so many eggs for so long but just didn't have a sign.  another neighbor said the same thing, as though they've all been waiting for me to sell eggs.  they could have just stopped and asked lol.  so yay for signs!

got sooo much reading to do for class.  actually on to the nitty gritty of school now.  finished those first 2 years of classes that mean nothing to my degree, which means finished the easy classes that i didn't have to learn anything for lol.  but now, well, now i have to read and read and read, because now i have to learn.  i read a lot anyway, but in small increments and stuff i don't have to pass tests on.  to read to learn, to read to learn to pass tests, requires a whole different kind of reading, one that includes volumes of notes and an awake brain.  that kind of reading is tough with dogs, chickens, kids, baseball, gardening, planting, etc., etc.!  at least the subject matter is interesting!

saw a meme on FB about some judge who sentenced a rich dude to probation for raping his 3  year old because he "wouldn't fare well in prison".  isn't that the point of prison?  so that pedophiles don't "fare well".  i know what i'd like to do to a dude who raped a 3 year old.  were i already in prison, those visions would likely come to fruition.  those visions include lots and lots and lots of mop handles..... 

the weather has turned lovely!  picked up some baby kale, spinach, and chinese cabbage yesterday, got some rainbow chard already sprouted.  will put it all in the ground very soon!  the collards and kale that self-seeded in the fall and over-wintered under hoop houses are growing wonderfully.  ate fresh greens from the garden yesterday.  MMMM.  kale and eggs.  right from my garden.  can't beat that, eh!

god i love this dog.  she is where i get all my (non-sexual of course) intimacy from.  face hugs.  warmth.  joy in my presence.  i love her!


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our hen that got sick, then got well, died recently. she was doing so good. running around, happy, not swollen. and then she was dead. she went from seeming fine one day, to me finding her on the floor of the coop at the end of the next day. she'd obviously been there a while because her face and neck was all gone. not from a predator, from her sisters and the rats! chickens will eat anything, even each other! neighbor found one of his hens that had died during the night and had been partially eaten by his other birds. they really are cannibals if given even half a chance lol.

as to gmo-free/organic, yeah, none of us eat that way. some stuff i buy is organic, but mostly i can't afford it. and if us humans aren't eating that good, the birds, dogs, and cats aren't either. my promise to the animals i cohabit with is that their lives will be as good as mine. that's all i can promise, really, but i do promise that. and, thus far, that's how we all live; on par with each other. would be great if i were super rich and could feed us all organic, but i can't. so we deal. the chickens actually probably eat healthier than the rest of us because they free-range lol. although they are NOT allowed in my garden, so don't get to chow down on my lovely organic veggies, but they get all the scraps and the thinnings and the weeds that i pull (which is often chickweed, which they love!), so they're not really missing out on much.

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