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journeying to a more natural way of living

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new chickies, gardening, psych
got lots of reading to do for school.  but also got lots of work to do!
thus far, in the garden, i've put in a row of taters (mixed red and yukon gold) but i still have another row to do, i transplanted out some chinese cabbage and rainbow chards, i weeded and fed the over-wintered kale and chards and they're doing awesome, noted the asparagus is coming up and got to eat one today!, transplanted out some strawberries.  the peas are coming up but only one spinach has.  i have 4 more to put out, though, once they get big enough with some new kales.  The Boy and i foraged a ton of wild creasy greens and wild garlics so i sauteed them today with some kale.  mmmmm!

got some new chickies!  6.  3 reds and 3 ameraucana.  also put a couple of new plants in my cactus/succulent tub.

so all in all, been productive.  sold some more eggs and traded some for patchouli oil and patchouli soap handmade from a friend's goat milk.  oh, and made some of my own almond milk.  damn, it's good, even unsweetened!  i soaked the almonds overnight, then put them in the vitamix and voila!  fresh almond milk.  the left over almond meal is yummy, too.  might just freeze it for when i'm going to do some baking and then use it.  we'll see.  also took my kefir mother out of the fridge and am waking her up in fresh milk.  hoping i didn't leave her slumbering too long.  it looks like she's waking up, though, which'll mean fresh kefir, too.



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I am just waiting for Ronnie to stop at a feed store and pick some more chicks up, on the way home from work. I hope he doesn't, but I miss their being little.
And Emilia is too smart for her britches. Watching the cat go over the fence, she realizes how to do it in steps, even with her wings clipped, and we've found her in the yard a time or two. She may not make it as long as the others, if she does that too many times. Odd, though. They have all they need for food and water, and then some, but she is the only one that really wants to explore. The others are happy as long as we're nearby.

is she a golden comet? my goldens don't last because they're just too curious. always going off the furthest first. one of them is still alive but she's the only one that hasn't been nosey. all the others proved that curiosity kills chickens as well as cats. which is so sad because i really love the nosey ones. and the 3 that died i was super fond of.

Both Emilia and Mazie are Araucanas. I hear you about that... they seem more intelligent. And these three are pretty smart but I think Emilia is the smartest, though she's also frankly annoying, because she is fixated on pecking my toes inside the crocs I wear. You can see them through the holes? I think she thinks they are worms and she won't quit. The others leave my feet alone, thankfully. But she's transferred the aggression to my arms, sometimes, when I feed, and I don't understand that. She does leave some welts and bruises! At this point, I just pick her up and carry her around a while when she does that, or put her in the hen house for a bit. She still does it occasionally but she's a bit calmer about it, the last month or so. She's irritable, compared to the others. But she's also the prettiest.

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