sylvanmeanders's Journal

journeying to a more natural way of living

This is my brain-dump. That place I give my brain clutter to so that I can still function.
It is not linked to the real-world me in any way, nor do I wish it to be.

Most of what I write now will be open, but names will be changed, or abbreviated.
Photos will often be included.

I am a single mother, living with kids, dogs, cats, and chickens in the Southern Appalachian Mountains in a rural community. I grow some of my own food and medicine, forage wild foods and medicines, hike. I am back at school getting my psych degree. One of my kids just made me a grandma, one is home-schooled, and the youngest is in public school. I am a widow.

Politically I'm a Green Anarchist
Spiritually I'm an Animist
On the Briggs-Meyer I'm an INTJ - it's pretty accurate

Feel free to add me. Don't be offended if I don't add you back, though.

I cannot promise to read your page, even if I add you as a friend. Part of what stops me writing is guilt that I'm not reading my friends' page, therefore not reciprocating in the livejournal friendship, so I'm going to be upfront on my profile page about it, thereby removing the need for guilt!